Our website has been fully redesigned, we’re still working on it.

Welcome on the official website of CodeGraphX (before the 26th of August 2019 we used the name Semmi Kabel Simulations). Everything will be the same, well, it should all get better and better to be honest. We produce fairground ride simulator games, most of them are 1:1 of the original ones.

In case you have suggestions for any future ride simulator games, feel free to contact us. We cannot ensure we will make a simulator game out of your suggestion but we’ll always stay open for them. Main rule will be that they must be in The Netherlands since we have to visit the ride and take pictures etc.

For operators: In case you own an fairground ride and you are based in The Netherlands, feel free to contact us on info@codegraphx.com. This might also be written in Dutch.

Space Shot Simulator

Our most recent project is the Space Shot and we are currently working on it. This is a ride where the seats will be shot by pressurised air. This ride has been manufactured by S&S.

Power Polyp Simulator

The second simulator game we released is the Power Polyp, right now the ride is owned by Edwin Vader. He helped us during the project, gave us information and time to record sounds from the engines, make pictures etc.

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About the company

We are a small company based in The Netherlands and runned by Semmi Kabel. We just have only 1 teammember at the moment who does all the work and has all the skills. Before the 26th of August we used the name Semmi Kabel Simulations but since this year things started to get real. We decided to get a new name: CodeGraphX which will fit our profile perfectly.

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